ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

Airways Optical is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. 

    We will operate in compliance with relevant environmental legislation and any other requirements, to which we subscribe, that relate to Airways environmental aspects. We will also promote environmental awareness among our employees and suppliers.  We will endeavour to prevent pollution, reduce waste and employ environmental best practice in everything we do.  We will maintain a documented EMS.
Specifically, we will:
Retain the services of a reputable UK agency who will keep us updated with all relevant environmental legislation, and aim to meet or exceed the requirements of that legislation.

Promote efficient use of materials and resources in our operation in order to minimise waste, including paper and cardboard, water, gas, electricity and other resources.

Reduce waste through re-use and recycling, and actively seek to source recycled or refurbished materials where they are available, economical and suitable.
Encourage effective waste stream segregation and responsible waste disposal.
Measure, control and minimise toxic air emissions from our operations.

Measure, control and minimise the volume and toxicity of effluent materials put to drain, and liaise openly with the supplying water company to ensure compliance with the conditions of our trade effluent agreement.
Regularly update our employees on progress against environmental aims as part of routine briefings and business updates.

Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek cost effective substitutes wherever possible, and put in place robust written procedures on the safe use, handling and disposal of any hazardous materials used out of necessity.

Partner with a reputable and competent waste management operator who:
ensures waste is responsibly disposed of, especially hazardous waste
is able to recycle or responsibly use the waste they do take away
can advise and help in better practices around waste management generally.
Set and communicate environmental improvement goals and actively work on delivering continuous improvement.

Communicate our environmental commitment to our employees, our business partners within Specsavers, our suppliers and the general public. 

Review, discuss and take actions through regular management meetings to ensure we are being consistent with this Policy and with environmental legislation and other requirements at all times.